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nilima mishra

Nilima Mishra was born & brought up in Bahadarpur. Maharashtra. One who didn't forget her roots & came back to her village only to found Bhagini Nivedita Gramin Vigyan Niketan (BNGVN) after completing her studies at Pune. Her only motive is the self sustainability of the local villagers. She was awarded Magsaysay award in 2011 for her work. As we speak, BNGVN has become a 20,000 strong women initiative for self sustainability.

gayathri vasudevan

Labour Net was started in the year 2006 at Bangalore. Founded by Gayathri Vasudevan, it was started as an initiative of movement for alternatives for youth awareness (Maya). Its main aim & objective is to make available the services to unorganized sector workers that are currently only available to organized sector workers. Services include Insurance, Skill enhancement, Information to live in the city, linking workers to state sponsored social protection schemes, opening bank accounts besides few other ancillary social services.

Dr shelly batra

Operation ASHA meaning HOPE is what Shelly Batra named her effort to tackle the fractured delivery system in fight against tuberculosis (TB) by the government of India. Operation ASHA not just ensures detection but also treatment services at a very low & affordable cost available to poor. Today Operation ASHA is not just limited to India only & has outreach programs in other countries as well. For all of her constant effort, She was named as 2014 Social Entrepreneur of the Year by Schwab foundation in making a viable healthcare delivery system. Dr Batra is also an Ashoka Changemaker.

Chetna gala sinha

Chetna Sinha founded Mann Deshi Mahila bank in 1997 as India's first rural cooperative bank. Its membership consists of semi or illiterate rural women with income levels of less than $1.5/day. It is a bank run by & for women. Today it is the largest microfinance bank in Maharashtra with a base of more than 185,000 clients. Mann Deshi Foundation is a NGO that works under the same umbrella & provides non-finance services to its clients. for this stupendous work, Chetna was awarded the 2014 Social Entrepreneur of the Year by Schwab foundation.

Bano Fatima and Nabila Kidwai

These are two promising students of Delhi University who have co-founded Weavers Hut, a social initiative to provide platform to the "Julahas", a weaving community. Being an unorganized sector, Bano Fatima & Nabila Kidwai, are trying to provide for better daily wages to the weavers including provisioning of Education to these commonly illiterate community.

Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty

A reputed Cardiac surgeon, philanthropist & Padma Bhushan awardee, Dr Shetty has relentlessly been working to provide affordable healthcare to masses in both India & abroad thru Narayana Hospitals. Economies of scale is what he uses to reduce the cost of medication & treatment. In India where most of the super speciality hospitals yearn for more money from patients, Dr Shetty's model has carved a niche for itself. 


Shashank Kumar & Manish Kumar

Co-founders of FarmsnFarmers, these 2 IIT graduates from Delhi & Kharagpur respectively, instead of taking plum positions at MNC's, decided to work for the marginal farmers in the agricultural sector. Their organization provides technical, marketing & financial (thru Govt. loans) support to the farmers to be able to get better crop quality & easy marketing facilities. They currently have operations in Bihar.

Anshu Gupta

Founder of Goonj, & 2012 Social Entrepreneur of India, by Schwab foundation. Goonj promotes "Clothing" as a Change Agent in the Development process. Goonj has been in operations for more than 10 years now & has many centres across India where one can donate to their program.


Bimla Nanda Bissell

Bimla is one of the founding members of Udyogini, an organization that works towards empowering women, especially illiterate poor women from rural background, to become long term profitable entrepreneurs by enhancing their knowledge as producers & the market they operate in. Udyogini was founded in 1992. 

Sameer Sawarkar & Rajeev Kumar

Neurosynaptics Communicaiton Pvt Ltd is a company involved in creating technology products that bring healthcare to the remotest areas of India where Clinical & Hospital access is not available. Their solution enables transmission of patient's medical data to the doctors & enables remote consultations by doctors. Their product ReMeDi has enabled so far more than 100k paid consultations without the patient to travel beyond his village.

Poonam Bir Kasturi

Founder of Dailydump, a brand of Playnspeak. Dailydump helps one manage household waste & convert it into useful high Quality Compost, an endeavour towards making one a Green citizen. Poonam was also a co-founders of IndusTree Craft & is popularly called as Compostwalli. 

Gita Ram & Neelam Chhiber

Co-founders of IndusTree Crafts & co-owners of Brand Mother Earth in partnership with Future group. It supports livelihood of rural producers & agricultural workers.


Vinay Ganti, Santhosh Ramdoss & Shital Shah

Together they created an organization, ThinkChange India, to track Social Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation across the country, whereby they bring information on all that is happening within Social Entrepreneurship space, a much needed lookout for budding entrepreneurs. In the pic above are Vinay & Santhosh.

Pooja Warier & Richard Alderson

Creating a launch pad for Indian Social Entrepreneurs. A group that finds, funds and supports exceptional individuals whose ideas, passion and entrepreneurial skills can bring about long-term solutions to India's social problems. http://www.unltdindia.org/


Dr Verghese Kurien

Father of White Revolution, he founded AMUL dairy, the first people centric cooperative movement of India. Not sure what to write about him, had he not been there, wonder what would have been the landscape of all those marginalized milk vendors, had he not been there.


Dr MS Swaminathan

Father of Green Revolution, he founded MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, that works on developing and following a pro-nature, pro-poor, pro-women & pro-sustainable on-farm & non-farm livelihoods thru appropriate ecotechnology and knowledge empowerment. http://www.mssrf.org/


Ela Bhatt

Founder of SEWA, Self Employed Women's Organization & SEWA Co-operative Bank. Besides her tremendous work on Self employement for women, she is most famously known for her efforts to regularise, through law,  street vending by providing the hawkers with licenses.


Bunker Roy

Founder of Barefoot College that promotes rural development thru innovative Educational programs with the objective of making them self sufficient & sustainable. Avani India producing clean cooking fuel thru pine needle in the Uttrakhand region is the Kumaon chapter of Barefoot College.

Prof Anil Gupta

Founded SRISTI, Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable technologies & Institutions, to strengthen the creativity of grass root inventors, innovators and ecopreneurs engaged in conserving biodiversity & developing eco-friendly solution to local problems. He is also the co-ordinator for Honey Bee network & Executive Vice Chairman of NIF, India.

Dr Abraham George

Founder of The George Foundation (TGF) dealing into poverty alleviation, Protection of Health & Environment, Improvement of Governance.




An IIMA Alumni with the aim of making Bihar as the largest producer & exporter of Organic vegetables. His organization works with the farmers directly & also sells the vegetables thru refrigerated carts. http://www.kaushalyafoundation.org/


Irfan Alam

An IIMA Amumni who Established SammaN foundation for the rickshaw pullers. His innovation has helped bring a recurring source of income & self esteem to the rickshaw pullers.


Nand Kishore Chaudhary

Founder of Jaipur Rugs that promotes rural development thru carpet weaving.


Thinlas Chorol

Founded Laddhakhi women's travel company which encourages to bring more women into the Laddakh Tourism Industry.


Anita Ahuja

Founded Conserve which basically provides employment to rag pickers by recycling plastic waste. She works with the rag pickers in Delhi & helps provide them with regular high income.


Gyanesh Pandey, Manoj Sinha & Ratnesh Yadav

Founders of Husk Power Systems, they work in the rural villages of Bihar & provide electricity using Husk.


Yashveer Singh, Srikumar Murthy & Rakesh Anugula

Founders of National Social Entrepreneurship Forum, that promotes social entrepreneurship amongst young talented students by inspiring, training & supporting them.


Nase (national association of social enterprises)

NASE is an industry body that facilitates the growth of enterprises involved in delivering services to under-served. Know more about the governing council by clicking this link.

National Innovation Foundation

Established by the Department of Science & Technology in the year 2000, NIF has a goal of providing institutional support in scouting, spawning, sustaining & scaling up grass root green innovations and helping their transition to self supporting activities. http://www.nif.org.in/

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