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Sulekha Ali would never be the same as she was before the Gujarat riots but this brave girl, against all odds, decided to give up moaning & established Arzoo for the betterment of the Children & Women affected by the riots. It doesn't matter to her which religion does one belong to till such time one needs a helping hand. Although she started with the paper craft work for Children, Sulekha now runs other creative craft activities as well for both Children & Women to provide them a means of earning a living while getting educated. If you are interested in donating to her cause or wish to know more about her & Arzoo, pl do so by clicking on the below link.


Parijat Academy

With a Degree in hand & some bit of prior experience in teaching kids, Uttam Teron started Parijat Academy in 2003. The motive was simple. He wanted to do it for the children whose parents, otherwise, would have used their kids in doing labor work to earn living. His efforts paid off & today Uttam has more than 500 students spread across few branches in the near by villages. He runs his school thru donations from sevaral noble people, organizations like you who feel Education is the birth right of every child & who look towards an educated India. For his immense contribution to the education of under-privileged children, Uttam was awarded with the "Real Heroes of India" by CNN IBN. You can find more information about Uttam & his school thru the below link.


Viraj Bal Bhawan

Viraj Bal Bhawan is a small school located in Jammu, involved in educating children from marginal society. The school was founded around 12 years back by Smt Raj Bharti, a retired Asst. Director from Youth Services & Sports department, in the J&K Government. Currently this school has around 125 students & 6 faculty members. The school has been helped by a lot of people from across the state & outside however it's her mere determination & passion that still makes the school run at such an elderly age of 74. if you may like to help the school or want to know more about it, pl visit the below site.


A small endeavour by few of us helped provide a Computer & 30 Chair cum tables to the school to enable it to function more efficiently.

Hopefully the kids enjoyed it!

Aham Bhumika

Aham Bhumika is a NGO started by a group of like minded people based in Bhopal & led by Subrat Goswami. The diverse group consists of artists, housewives, engineers, tourist guides, teachers and government employees. Team is striving for the betterment of the underprivileged Children & Women in rural areas of India. Aham Bhumika's mission is to help the underprivileged children, destitute and orphans by involving generous people from the cities by collecting material discarded by them (clothes, bicycles, books, toys, newspapers etc.) for the underprivileged people. Besides this, they also request to donate grain to their “GRAIN BANK”. Learn more about Grain Bank & all other initiatives by clicking the below link.


Hopefully the kids enjoyed their new shoes


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