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Integrated Guided Missile Development Program

Agni, Prithvi, Aakash, Trishul & Nag are part of the IGMDP of Indian Missile Defence System which was started in 1983 keeping in mind the security threat posed to India from its immediate neighbours. Put together these missiles have a range from as low as 4 kms to more than 5000 kms. Brief on these missiles is mentioned below.

Agni V

With a range of over 5000 kms, Agni V was successfully tested on the 19th April 2012. This is a huge leap in Indian Defence. Agni V has now joined select group of countries with such firepower, including US, UK, China, Russia & France. Agni V can strike all parts of China & most of Europe.

Agni III

Test fired thrice already with 2 successes & one failure. Agni III has a range of 3000 to about 5000 kms. It was first test fired in 2006 however it failed to reach its designated target due to technical issues with its second phase. This however was tested again in Apr 2007 & May 2008 successfully. This is one of the biggest deterrents to India's major adversaries in the east. This is also part of Intermediate Range Ballistic missile.

Agni II

With a range of over 2000 kms & after couple of failed test fires including that of Agni II Prime in Dec 2010, Agni II was successfully test fired from Wheeler Island off Orissa coast on the 30th Sep 2011. DRDO is again planning for the test firing of Agni II Prime, that has a range of 2500 kms, in Oct 2011 subsequently with the test fire of Agni V that has a range of over 5000 kms in Dec 2011. Agni V is part of Intercontinental Range Ballistic missile. Last phase of this series is Agni VI that would have a range of around 10000 kms.


Country's first nuclear weapons capable Surface-to-Surface missile, Prithvi I with a range of 150 kms, was first launched successfully on the 27th Sep 2011 with a range of 350 kms. Prithvi I is already inducted into the Indian army while  Prithvi II was launched successfully on the 12th Aug 2013. The first successful user trail of Prithvi II was carried out on Dec 20, 2012. Prithvi is considered to be one of the deadliest ballistic missiles in its range across the globe. Prithvi II is a liquid fuelled missile with a payload capacity of 500 kgs.


Also called as Cobra, this is an Anti tank Guided Missile. It was successfully tested in 1997 though the trials had started as early as 1990. It has the capability to penetrate ERA or composite armour that most of the advanced battle tanks are equipped with. The missile has a range of 4 to 6 kms & has fire & forget capability. Aug 2008 saw the, yet again, successful test firing of the Nag from NAMICA.


It's a surface to air missile designed to counter low level attack with a range of 9 kms. It has the capability of target detection to missile launch within 6 seconds. Although a lot of money may have already been spent on Trishul development program however it hasn't been meeting the expectations of India's Defence forces, as it thought, would deliver. 


It is a medium range surface to air missile with a range of around 27-30 kms. Aakash Missile System, a fully indigenous missile system, was successfully handed over to Indian Air Force in March 2012. This missile is compared to the Patriot missiles of US & Barak missiles of Israel.


24th Sep 2011 saw the successful launch of yet another missile Shourya. Claimed by the DRDO scientists to be one of the best 10 missiles across the world, Shourya travels at the speed of 7.5 times to that of sound. It's water version K15 is already in production. This was the 3rd successful test of the said missile post which it now goes under production for the the Indian defence Forces. DRDO scientists are already working on the development of K4 which supposedly would be launched from a sub marine however will be used to hit land targets around 3000 kms away.


World's fastest Anti Ship cruise missile developed in collaboration with Russia. With a range of 290 kms, it can hit targets at altitude of as low as 10 meters at a speed of 2.8 mach. It has all Land, Sea, Sub-Sea capabilities. It's Air variant for Sukhoi 30 is being developed.


Air to air missile being developed for the Indian Air Force, Mirage 2000 will be the first receptor of these missiles. It has a range of 80 kms head on while 15 kms on Tail chase.


Prahar is a solid fuelled surface to surface tactical ballistic missile for short range up to 150 kms, developed for Indian Army & Air Force, by DRDO. It was successfully tested Integrated test Range (ITR) at Chandipur. It is launched from a platform of 6 missiles that can be ready in 2-3 minutes & have precision striking range.

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