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Justice meted to culprits but Don't underplay what Police & Media could have also done?

Posted by Neeraj Singh on August 30, 2010 at 8:05 AM

It was in the year 2000 that there was widespread violence across Tamil Nadu including  Dharmapuri protesting against conviction of Jayalalitha in a criminal case.


3 girls were burnt alive in a bus by 3 AIADMK hooligans. Today Supreme Court has upheld the decision of death penalty for them. 2 learnings that came out of all this episode for all concerned across the country:


1. Media & Police were also there shooting the entire episode along with a lot of people: Couldn't have they helped save these girls while they were burning inside the bus?


2. How did it help the 3 men doing so much for Jayalalitha or for that matter any politician; Will they now come to save you or help your abandoned families?


Media, on one hand, says that they bring us the news & that's what their job is. Isn't it their job to save people? Are they media reporter first or a human being? They are quick to pounce on Doctors when they don't do their job of saving patients in time. I got reminded of a recent case in TN, where a policeman was left on his own on the road to die with the media guy just filming him. This was the same police guy who once had fought Veerappan. He felt it is more important to shoot the story & bring to the world rather than saving him. I think people of India are sensible enough to understand & would have praised the reporter had he saved the dying soul including his filming. Police, anyways, as we know the best of all of us. Good thing is that they always find some excuse or the other & that is always seconded by their superiors too. So no point talking about them.


There are plenty of instances like these from the past but we are just not ready to learn from them. Had one done this for a social or national cause, it is understandable but in the name of politics & politician, Alas! you have the result. One is good to politicians until you serve them a purpose. I am sure Jayalalitha will definitely do something for the left off families but it won't bring back the people who either died earlier or now the people who will die from Capital punishment. In all 6 poor indians paid the price for someone's conviction who rightly or wrongly should anyways have been convicted to get people indulged in such a protest. Long live India, Long live Indian Politicians!


Jago Bhai! Jago.

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