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Distinction between Sentiments & Practicality

Posted by Neeraj Singh on August 14, 2011 at 5:40 AM

Anna Hazare will start his "Anshan" from the 16th Aug. I would rather call it as a resumption of the earlier one at Jantar Mantar. What we saw in between was a daily Opera Soap with dialogues between the government & the society, accusations, cross accusations, heightened politics & what not. While Anna & his team have done a commendable job in bringing a lokpal bill in the parliament for discussion & in all fairness it will get passed too with few modifications here & there. It may not be in the form of a Jan lokpal bill though.


What is important to be noted here is the way Anna & team could gather mass support & make the government get the bill that had been waiting its disposal for the last 4 to 5 decades. Today Congress, thru its press conference, charged Anna Hazare for indulging in gross corruption, as reported by Justice Sawant few years back. While it was an opportunistic for Congress to bring this for discussion at this stage however at the same time, if the questions have been raised, being a public figure, Anna must, first, clarify his position. He may not want to do so but in that case, I am doubful that a lot of people are really going to support him, as he is expecting from the whole nation in his fight against corruption. Clarifying position doesn't necessarilly mean that he has to come out clean rather it means clarifying his personal role into those accusations. Even for a minute, if it is established that he was indulged in corrupt practices, he, because of his personal wealth, doesn't seem to have done for any personal benefit. Everyone can change & transform. It doesn't mean that one who, at one time, may have been involved in such practices, doesn't have the right to change & lead such movements. One must tak cue from people like Arvind Kejriwal who, when accused of using his NGO money unappropriately, came & defended his position & made everything transparent in full public view. Same goes for Shanti & Prashant Bhushan too. They indeed went a step further & filed case against the people who accused them for they knew, they were clean. I think, it is time, Anna follows suit.


I also recognize that these are meanest things possible to accuse someone of Anna's stature for one won't dare so dearly to take such grand stand unless he himself is free of such malice & can stand the scrutiny of the public offices & that of government. More than anyone, I guess, it is for one to stand one's own scrutiny. Hence, it even becomes more important for Anna to clarify the position.


That said, there is a growing need for Anna & team to play a bigger role. His demands are not just his. They are of the countrymen. For Congress government, it would have been an opportunity to seize & secured their berth at the centre for ever, had they been able to bring a very strict lokpal bill but then wisdom doesn't come easy, right. But it equally applies to Anna & team too. If without being in the government, they could push the government to get the bill tabled in the parliament, I am sure with their presence in the parliament, they can do wonders. Why are they restricting to only Corruption. There are many other things that need reform. We need people like them who can think progressively. They too could have seized the opportunity but then as I said earlier, wisdom doesn't come easy.


It was a time that Anna & team could have spent the next 2 1/2 years meeting with such people who vouch for reforms & could have dedicated their life for this public cause. It was such a ripe time as the mood of the country was with them. They could have pursued time until 2014 to look at all matters where reforms are required thru discussions & chat with the students/household people/businesses etc. Remember, any government for that matter will listen to you for some time unless you represent the electorally. You can do "Anshan & Dharna Pradarshan" but beyond a point a middle class man won't suupport you as one has to feed ones family. Moreover, your thoughts need to be acted upon by the central government & not the state governments, so in essence, whatever happens at state level is not going to add anything to your cause. If someone is of the opinion that Yellow revolution is a possibility in India too, don't worry, that will never happen. Yellow revolution was against the oppression of the state. That is not the case here at all.


Unless you start presenting yourself thru a democratic means, nothing will change. I have heard a lot of people saying that unless you have money & muscle, you can't win elections. This was even echoed by Anna casually. I completely disagree with that statement. Had that been the case, Dr Ajay Kumr wouldn't have won from Jamshedpur recently against the huge money & muscle of BJP. Had that been the case, Dr JP of Jansatta party wouldn't have got elected ever. Had that been the case, West Bengal wouldn't ever have seen the wind of change. It's time that they play a bigger role thru the democratic system of electoral politics to change the country. Just by saying that they represent civil society, I am not sure they will find enough takers in this country or anywhere for that matter. Time to draw distinction between sentiments & practicality.


Jai Ho



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