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Given a chance anyone can rule us again

Posted by Neeraj Singh on July 31, 2011 at 3:24 PM

We were ruled for more than 200 years by English. English were not alone. We had Portuguese & French too. Their colonies are still alive. In principle, we all know that English used "Divide & Rule" as their policy in every sphere of Indian mindset to rule us. We were naive, well, not really. Naive would mean that you don't know about something & do get a hold on the subject with maturity. You learn from your mistakes & try to recover in the best possible way. It will be very difficult to create a comparison between then & now based on the way we conducted ourselves or on the type of Governance we had then vs now. Then, we had many ganarajyas ruled by different rulers. They were more to do with their own right than of the larger India.Today we have a democratically elected government, by the people, at the centre which is responsible & accountable to the nation for its security, foreign policy & defence from outside threats. 

But then there are certain things that haven't changed at all. Like if the divide earlier was mainly on the grounds to increase ones might, it is no different today. Infact if you look closely the divide has increased. North Eastern states are aliens to us. Remember India is as much theirs as anybody else's. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to pl raise one's hand for its accession to neighbouring country. Yet people from North Eastern states are given a step motherly treatment in the northern plains. Kashmir could never get into the mainstream even after 60 years of independence. It takes a minute for any tom, dick & harry in India to stand up & say that Kashmir belongs to India but not sure how many of us really have thought to help it in the past. For us, Kashmir had never been more than a touristical destination. So much so that yesteryear bollywood movies couldn't get completed unless they had one shot from there. Not sure how many more years would be needed to bring them into the mainstream. Although we know where the problem lies, we haven't acted more than a bunch of jokers, for the separatists vile their time off as peacefully in India as it would have been difficult for them in Pakistan. We have seen the regional violence in Punjab that almost had Punjab from us followed with the sectarian violence after Indira's cold blooded murder. Not every Sikh was a khalistani still every single one paid the price of being a Sikh. None can answer why? My history is not so good but have heard & read in many books that Sikhs came into being to protect the hindu's. If that count is true even by the minutest levels, here were hindu's killing their own protectors. Now a days, history plays little role in creating any sort of goodwill amongst people because individualistic nature has crossed all boundaries. Value system is collapsing. 

If Anna represents along with few others, for a good cause of Janlokpal bill, we have many intellects asking him question why there isn't any dalit on the panel or for that matter any muslim included too. Unfortunately none asked him the question that Anna, since you are doing the "Aamaran Anshan alone", I would join you as I belong to a dalit caste & no one is representing that community with you. We are always ready to eat the pie together but can't share the making of it. Ramvilas Paswan's of the world still make merry. Wonder how could he even pass such an statement, oh forgot, he is an Indian politician, right!

China has flexed its muscles time & again on Arunachal. For that matter even Google, on various occasions, doesn't show Arunachal & Kashmir being part of the India at all. China openly denies regular visa to people of Kashmir & Arunachal, It doesn't allow any basic construction work at Leh/Laddakh yet the mighty Indian government of 1.2 billion people just swallows its own spit. I mean wonder how can someone instruct you to do or not do things on your own land. That's nothing more than atrocious but we, peace loving people, see it with fun & forget the very next day. Btw, the MEA spokesperson always comes with a smile & a statement, that  can get on your nerves, the next morning.

Gujrat riots happened. Lot of lives were lost. They included both muslims as well as hindus. More than anything, we lost Indians. But unfortunately, I have seen so many cases airing on the news channel howver all against crimes that were perpetrated against muslims. Why, were hindu's less Indian or human being. Teesta Seetalwad proudly goes to courts to fight muslim cases, why? Is she not the most undemocratic person. You are trying Modi & it makes perfect sense to me but why don't you, at least, ask a question to Seetalwad on her intent. We won't because immdiately from secular we will be branded as non-secular, undemocrat, right wing fundamentalists. 

Whenever a Kargil happens, there are thousands marching on roads showing their patriotism & support to the Army Jawans. Moment the war is over, we just forget who they were. We create so many obstacles & make so many nasty statements on their kith & kin when they, rightfully but not willingly, apply to get the awards from the government. Refer to the video section if you need details & don't come banging that the author has a myopic view & not all Indians think that way. Bloody then why don't you raise your voice when you hear such instances of indifference to the parents of martyrs. Why do you go with a contingent to meet the prime minister showing your helplessness when your kith & kin are hijacked in a plane. You, then, get ready to exchange your relatives lives with hardcore terrorists who would come back & strike on places like the Parliament & Mumbai, again & again, killing hundreds & thousands innocents. Where does your patriotism go then? Flies off, isn't it? 

Raj Thackrey will always say to throw the Bihari's & UPites out of Maharashtra But he won't shy in taking the help from the same Bihari or UPite if he is a commando & is required to take on the terrorists in Mumbai. Then everyone, for him, becomes an Indian. The best example of a creechy characater trying to establish his political base in Maharashtra. Don't think the people are so behind for he has a huge support too. I mean, for godsake, how can you support such a typical anti establishment character, just because he speaks your language. I am sure at this too, a lot of people, will raise hands that all are noy alike & we don't think that way. Sir, in that case show show your solidarity with other people, who have wisdom of thought. For that I praise Asha Bhonsle, who at least, in full public view, denounced Raj Thackrey's thoughts.

Now tell me, with so much of bickerings internally as well as externally, why do still you strongly feel that India "Given a chance can't be ruled again by someone".  For some of you, it may still be a hyperbol figure of speech but remember these are just some examples. I am sure it won't be so easy for anyone to do that but if this is how we carry on, the day is not too far off, either. We need to up our level playing. Instead of playing dirty politics, our leaders need to think beyond the regional & caste levels. More than that, we, the people, need to think more inclusive than trying to the exclusive breed. Remember being exclusive comes at a cost, dear cost.

Jai Hind

Uttishtha Bharat

Categories: Politics, Critique & Activism

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