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Transparency Revolutions

Posted by Pankaj Raman on June 12, 2011 at 5:52 AM

India is passing through a transparency revolution, but powerful sections are not yet ready for the transition, Defense Minister AK Antony said...

It seems to most sensible comments given by one of the politicians of current government. A lot of debates going in Media regarding Lokpal bill, corruptions ,success/failure of ANDOLAN but question is not all about this, it is that at least all of us have started talking about this.( from face book to face to face). We have now valid reason to be happy and keep ourselves motivated that common man can also think and contribute in change in today’s scenario.

There is nothing wrong in the systems (thanks to Indian constitution). It is up to us how we react and understand our responsibility in making greater India, There is no way going to be miracle or total change but even continuous debate and thinking (of course in right & constructive path) should continue and we must participate else we will not be able to reply to next generations. It is not easy to accept these transitions because root is so strong that in cannot be done in single day. It will take long time to change the things. We can add or remove the things but not the thought process which was very much suppressed since long time due to various reasons. Time has come to start changing thought process.

Whole world is watching to us for this transition (India being not only one of the largest democratic country but developing country with so many diversity in all areas) how we continue this fight against corruption along with with changes in economy, development, growth, and creating opportunities. Is this not interesting or challenging for them? If we succeeded, no one can stop us in becoming super power or most developed nations.

The trend has started. You cannot stop this transparency revolution midway. It is percolating to all walks of human life, all organizations, ultimately all families in India. That is the beauty of this...the present state of Indian democracy,"

Let us all keep the pace and continue with this till we get complete transition. It would not be easy but yes, we will .You can choose your medium/platform as per your convenience or accessibility, but must speak and raise voice.21st century will witness another movements/revolution in tomorrow history….for our next generations and they will be proud of us.

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