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He seemed sincere, this guy seems opportunist

Posted by Neeraj Singh on June 4, 2011 at 7:42 AM

He was sincerely seemed to be working towards the cause of fighting against corruption. He didn’t do any tamasha. He had a group of people working towards the cause. They generated a lot of collateral before they came out in full protest. They built a consensus around the cause amongst Indians. They went to every political party & submitted to take their cause. None bent. They then decided to do that by themselves. Their modus operandi was simple. Get the Government to table & form a committee to start discussing the matter. Finish the draft within a stipulated time period. Get it to Parliament; try to get it passed by lobbying for it. Get the Country out of the clutches of Corruption. Every thing looked natural. Looked like a natural fight as well because austerity & transparency was maintained at the highest levels. All of the expenses during the fast were made public & so were the donations. He just wanted representation of the other people in drafting a common draft against Corruption because the government had successively failed to address the issues.


This guy, on the other hand, has done all in style. He started this campaign even after knowing that a wider discussion on Corruption is already on. Lokpal anyways could have looked into it. In fact, the matter is already sub-judice with the Supreme Court. But he still wanted to go on. He was not seen too often with him though while he was fasting at the Jantar Mantar. This guy had even said that he was not too comfortable with the civil society nominations for the draft committee. Seemed he was drifting away because all of the publicity was with him & not this guy. This guy was desperately looking to make a mark & what better time than hitting when the Iron was hot. This guy travels only by Private jets; remains in fancy Pandals costing cores, also this guy can’t do Satyagraha without Air Conditioners & LED Televisions. This guy has huge worth of money but still wants donation from people for this fast. This guy doesn’t have problems in bringing people into his Satyagraha who have clearly broken Law & Order problems many a time, have incited people to clash, have led communal clashes in many parts of the country. This guy has a bunch of demands & wants all of them to be full filled at any cost. No deliberations nothing, just 100% acceptance by the government is what this guy is looking for.


Both of the causes are good. Both are being demanded by civil society. Government sat on both of these issues for long. What is important is not what is mentioned above. What is important is the way both of these are being demanded. I still personally feel that the first one is still democratic while latter is a pure drama. Now you decide.


Inquilab Zindabad

Uttishtha Bharat

Categories: Politics, Critique & Activism

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Reply amrita
12:46 PM on June 25, 2011 
Point taken one is sincere and the other opportunist but the cause is great. Being a bit opportunistic I say whoever can support the passage of the lok pal bill should be taken in the stride for though they might think they are able take advantage and credit in the making of a good law they are forgetting what they are actually standing for. In the long run a good system will be formed and they will realise they have managed to dig their own graves. Its quite a strong idea that will hit at the roots of corruption if the bill is passed unmodified and then there will be no turning back or away from the jaws of publics law. Although it should be the common man's common sense to see behind the "chola" and know that what are they supporting? A good cause that is selfless and for the betterment of their nation the need of the hour or some goons who explicitly are a bandwagon of corruption and lavishly enjoying people's hard earned money. But again I'll say if the other man can not do today without air conditioning and LCD tv who gave him those pleasures? You, the public. But that's not what we are discussing here. I feel strongly also that the stupid and aimless headless demands the other person started fasting for are absolutely rubbish and it was amazing to see him run for his life at the end of it......so was it not an eye opener enough? I'm certain that people are blinded when it comes to these goons donning the cholas....open your eyes and see what you are standing for and how! I think its equally crucial HOW we stand for a cause as much as WHAT we stand for.

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