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Desh Tarakki Kar Raha Hai Bhai?

Posted by Neeraj Singh on November 27, 2010 at 6:03 PM

151 Mercs sold in a single day in a sleeping town of India. India awakens? 101 BMW's ordered new with different owners from the same sleeping town, India grows? That's how I would like to read between the lines. Desh Tarakki kar raha hai? Is India really growing or not is a question in itself but for once I would still like to keep this dream for some time that there is a town in India that has so many rich together & this town is yet not on the world map? Well, that is why this whole exercise was done if the owners are to be believed. There are enough reasons to get into the socialist hat & start questioning everything left, right & center but for once I would like to have a taste of Growing India on my taste buds & why not? For once, I realize that there are Indians who have enough money to play up things even from a small town of Aurangabad, though industrial. Not sure how you read this but the way I read is the amount of Power that lies in that area. A Power that can influence a lot many things in many ways, be it politically, Socially or Economically.


When I say sleeping, it's not because it was literally sleeping but because atleast it is not remembered when we take the names of typical Indian Metros & worth Tier 2 cities like Jaipur or Indore. Rather this town has a glorious history of Moghul raj with the name coming from "Aurangzeb" himself. This "City of Gates" was recently named as the "Tourism Capital of Maharashtra". I am sure with so many Mercs & BMW's, the city would really be live with the tourists flocking it around & seeing the beauty as well as the Indian richnesssss.


When I compare the two paragraphs above, I really find it ironical that the city hosts the best in trading / manufacturing as well as Tourism, a rare feat that only few cities have attained in the world. Delhi was one of them but then the industries were moved out of Delhi owing to the danger of fuming gaese from the industries to the monuments. Like wise in Agra for the danger to "The Tajmahal". Anyways, why do we need to get into that? Why can't we just enjoy the fact that India too has, not just few but many more like these men, the strength to own so many Mercs & BMW's of the world. Something that only the Americans or Europeans have lived with so far.


Now that these gentlemen have brought the city of Aurangabad on the World Map, isn't it the time for them to do it yet again by getting the biggest school in the world for under priviledged children. India has many of such kids. I am sure if they have such might, they do even have the power & means to create something of this magnitude. After all you do expect something spectacular when 252 mighty & wealthy people get together for a cause. I am ready to donate my pie into that.


Jai Ho

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