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There needs to be a correction in the State Subjects?

Posted by Neeraj Singh on October 9, 2010 at 3:12 AM

We are diverse & naturally we find our unity in the existing diversity, at least we attempt to. Being diversified is not wrong but then managing it is definitely a challenge when it comes to the law & order as well as Education. Lets take Law & order first.  


We have different law & order issues within different states. Some of the issues are on the pretext of militancy while some are naxalite affected, some have in-house race to fight on geographical lines like the BODO or ULFA while some are more communal than others. Although when the independent India would have been visualized none had really thought that we & our states would be marred by such distinctive issues but here they are & we are trying to face them one after another.


Way of handling the issues is also different. While for the same naxalite issue, one state like Chattisgarh may take a touch stand & on the other hand Bihar & Jharkhand may soften their stand due to the ideological differences of the parties running the governments. If you take only this as an instance, you will find that all issues are handled in different ways across different states. This at times may cause polarization too. Like if MNS takes a stand in Maharashtra, the local state government, on occasions, does agree to that. The recent one was the issue of taxi drivers who necessarilly need to know Marathi if they want to have a licence to drive taxi in Mumbai. If all states start doing this, you may find that one day all states are being run only for their people & really it would be a difficult proposition to even move freely across states for jobs. Believe me that day might be far off. Take any state & start doing this analysis, you will have the results. It need not be made too explicit to be mentioned right here.


Similarly, is the issue of education. I really wonder who would have been that evangelical personality who propounded education to be state subject. It is the same reason that we have so many state boards. Every board has a different syllabus & while all try to compete for the central competitive exams, the results would surely be different for students of various states or the students would have to mug up something additional what is not taught in their boards to compete for these exams. Believe me this happens for almost all exams. I strongly feel that these two decisions to have Law & Order & Education as state subjects has made us more diversified than to bring us closer. It is these things in day to day life that some politicians take advantage of & influence the system. Shiv Sena trying to influence the syllabus of Maharashtra University is one such blatant example. No different was Lalu when he was the Bihar Chief minister & introduced a lot of things that he deemed fit like the "Lalu Chalisa". Eventually the boards are governed by the political bosses & their liking may change the history itself. Like the one with leftist approach will have always a different thoughtprocess than the rightist educationist. In this case the same subject & lesson can be read as two different version. History as a subject is the best example. Try reading some thing from JNU & compare it with CBSE or Delhi University.


Take for example, the admission to IIT's. How wise could it be for some one like Kapil Sibal to come out in open & say that 10+2 results would have affect on your addmission to IIT. For him it was just like any other policy decision & that may have happened under some pressure as the ones in urban areas are primarily having CBSE / ICSE board whose marking system is much liberal than almost all of the state boards. Anyways, that is something for him to think about. But don't we think how much of unrest would it cause amongst the students who, by force & not by choice, have to read thru the state boards.


Coming back to the Law & order now for a moment, even the networks of various outfits has spread across states & countries. However our local state police departments are marred with lack of connectivity & sharing of intelligence. It was this reason that Manmohan Singh proposed to create a central command to fight the naxals so that information can be shared quickly & decisions could be made by a single line of authority. Additionally every police department has a different type of ammunition based on the budget that they get from their local governments. This decides the level of being high tech or automated machinery that is available to the police forces.


It is high time that these two important areas be taken back by Centre & implemented as the Acts of parliament thru Independent Autonomous bodies like the Election Commission. I don't necessarilly think that education as a subject needs to be made purely a central subject but certainly the Secondary, Higher Secondary eduation & Higher education. Same applies to the Law & Order. This can't be anymore a state subject in such an environment. State Governments may still have to pay for the salaries of these forces to the tune that they utilize for their state but atleast being under a central autonomus body, there would be little chance for much of manipulation. This would certainly lead to lesser influence by various governments & politicians to make their own ends meet.


If we really have to bring up a true united India, we may need to reverse some decisions of the past & venture into the future with logical thought process that is suited for the existing situations & keep the politicians away from influencing it on a day to day basis. Not only this, it would also help the police to take stern actions against the corrupts as well as the likes of dirty politicians who try to rule the state more by goondaism rather than their political wisdom. Today the state police is so scared that they worry more what if the government changes the next day & the same people come to govern them against whom they took the action. History is evident with such examples where politicians have settled personal scores with the Police officials. Thackrey's, Lalu's, Kalmadi's, Mayawati's of the world would definitely be my first choice to be taken to task. Although my wish list is not just about the Law & Order & Education, but for the time being, I will keep it at that.


Jai Ho

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1 Comment

Reply Neeraj Singh
3:08 PM on June 23, 2011 
Three recent incidents have again proven beyond doubt that Police Reforms are needed much faster & they are brought under a single roof of direction & training, away from local influences & Bias. The Araria firing & brutal beating (see in video section too) of people is an eye opener. One can understand that in the Araria case police itself was one of the parties however today's (23rd June 2011) mute viewing, by the Haryana Police, of the setting up of a man on fire by angry village mob, was beyond imagination. People from the village, sat on fire a man, suspected to be one of the killer's of village panchayat head. It was done in glaring public view in front of an overall contingent of Haryana Police. They had plenty of time to take the remedial steps but they chose otherwise. The handling of the silent protest by Ramdev & his followers is also an example that shows that Police can go to any extent to prove its might. It was absolutely uncalled for police to attack the sleeping protesters at around 2.30 am early morning that also included women & children.

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