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Hurriyat is all set to divide the Nation

Posted by Neeraj Singh on September 18, 2010 at 6:25 AM

There is one thing that I have never been able to understand & that is, what will it take the Indian government, rather any government, to crack down on people who openly talk against the nation & that too at "Will". Not just that, on the other hand also provides cover to them. I can see that had it happned in China, those goons would have been taken to task a long time back. Democracy doesn't permit to talk ill of your country & that too when it comes to talking to divide it on the pretext of religion, geography, caste etc. Within this list, I just don't count the Hurriyat but also people like Raj Thackrey or VHP's or SIMI's of the world who openly challenge of enforcing their agenda's that does nothing more than dividing the society. Specially I am more focussed on Hurriyat for the time being as it refers to break the sovereign Indian state itself.


Just a few days back Hurriyat decided to take back its call of holding the protest rally. It was welcomed in the backdrop of the recent moves that were taken by the central government too. Within minutes of Pakistan criticizing India's way of handling Kashmir issue, the Hurriyat has got a new backing to tell the whole world that they will be holding the rally as planned. This is what troubles me. What stops the Indian government to take action against such people like Geelani or Mirwaiz. I heard Mirwaiz talking on a TV show where he constantly refers to the Indian state as if he is talking of a foreign nation. It the same land on which he is standing right now & it is the same country who has given hin the right to speak. Had it been Pakistan, he would have been running around like a rat the way MQM does today. In a country like Pakistan where the Pakistan's political people themselves are so unsafe, how can these goons gurantee of getting any safeguard to the Kashmiris. You talk of any political bigwig in Pakistan from Bhutto to Nawaz Sharif to Musharraf, all of them had the taste of what it means to be in Pakistan. The challenge is that they can't even leave the country completely as their source of income lies there. 


Even if you look at the situation with PoK, it is beyond explanation. The difference between PoK & Kashmir is that within PoK, their government itself discourages the people & doesn't allow them to speak freely. Out of around 58 subjects, the local government in PoK is allowed to freely talk & create policies only on 4 state subjects compared to kashmir, where more than 60% of the people elected a government & where the state enjoys a more priority status than any other state government of India. It is nothing but the fuelling of hatred by some of the people in the valley that is causing this whole issue to get escalated but the Indian government is keeping mum. what is it worried of? More so the international media is not allowed within PoK & hence no one can really know what's happening there. I have seen some of the footages & they are indeed horrifying. Infact there was a recent protest in PoK where the local people wanted to get rid of Pakistan itself.


I see the reason somewhere else too. all of teh separatists, no doubt, get funds to keep this unrest alive in India. This also means that if the unrest is gone, they will have not have money to lead the life they can. Recent example where a hardline separatist muslim organization leader Asiya Andrabi wanted her son to get education in Malasiya but doesn't have any respect for the Kashmiri children who don't have even food taday to eat. Is it not hypocrisy. Also, Kashmiri youth is more fragile than others. Rather than exercising their thoughts, they are just blindly following the same very leaders & can't see beyond the obvious.


Kashmir hasn't really seen any leader in the past who can come up & talk in the favor of the Kashmiris rather most of them have always talked of all other things other than Kashmiris. They have just settled their agenda. Jago India, Jago!


Jai Ho

Categories: Politics, Critique & Activism

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