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Declining trend of International Students in Australia worries the Kangaroos

Posted by Neeraj Singh on September 2, 2010 at 3:51 PM

It may not be worth to get you to the background of the whole story of why it is happening but eventually Australia is being hit very badly with the declining trend in the international students enrollment specially from India. (Statistics thru the link below)


I am sure this would help the so called "RACE" guys to get good education back there as they need not worry their seat being taken up by a foreigner specially an Indian. But then, where will the fund come from to run those universities. So far they were run independently with so much money coming from the foreign students but now they will have to depend on the Govt aid. If the trend continues, that day is not too far.


But that is not all. It also shows up due to change in PR laws within the country. It is a fact that a lot of people were being taken there by agents in the name of studentship for literally unknown courses in colleges that only the agents knew. Difficult to say what exactly caused the declining trend but looks like it is a mix bag of few reasons but primarily because of the above two.


Nevertheless, it does have a lot for Indian Government too in it. Indian Education minister shall now equally focus on creating those avenues back here with the inclusion of making the Indian education sector more lucrative so that foreign students come here & invest in India. Going by the current trend, India will be leading the race of youth population within few decades. It is expected to have an avg age of 29 as against 37 of that of China by 2020. This itself calls for building seats of higher learning & also a modest start in good primary & middle school education.


Such is the gap between the rural & urban education that it is becoming a great divide to fill, something that is getting wider day by day. Academic knowledge is one but the question is all about raising the awareness & soft skills of the students, which lacks in the rural teacher itself then what is the point of talking further of the students. This should not be confused as if they are less intelligent. I would think under the situation that they study, they are far more successful than the urban ones.


Anyways, we start with something & end up at something. looks like everything is tied to one another.


For more: Click the link



Jai Ho

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