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Up against Indian Talibanization

Posted by Neeraj Singh on August 28, 2010 at 5:16 AM

I really don't know what do these guys want to achieve in the name of religion. They don't even know why are they Muslims or Hindu or Christians. Probably just because they were born in that religion & nothing else. Being born & respecting the religion is fine but it is appaling to see that some of these bunch of religious goons going around & preaching their beliefs to others & that too forcefully. I don't know about you but I don't give any authority to anyone to direct me what to do as a religious practice.


In the last 2 months, this is the second time that I heard of women being forced to wear burqah. why? Let a soul live the way she wants to live. It doesn't just apply to muslims. It is for Hindu's too. Khaps decide where to marry & where not? Why should I listen to you? It's my marriage not yours. I have to spend my life with someone so it shall be my choice of what I intend to do. I never wanted to be born as a Rajput or Bramhin or Shudra. Just because I was born to such parents doesn't decide my fate or my caste or my religion.


Yesterday a family friend visited us. Somehow we got into disucssing this. My view was it should be upto the individual for what religion he wants to choose. Ideally any new born shall have the option to choose his religion & name. As a new born I don't even know what is the meaning of these 2 things but eventually I have to pay the price, one way or the other. There shall be provision in the constitution for grown ups, at some age, to decide their religion & name. Can we not make sure that until then the kids are just treated as kids & nothing else. We have been making mockery of our social systems & values. Infact, we have gone so far in this race that these fanatics, who I guess have learnt some chapters from their religious books, will always have their interpretation thurst thru media channels to the outside world. Damn you guys!


Like in the case of this girl from Kerela who has been threatned to wear Burqah by 26th Aug or she will be killed. Instead of acting harsh on such culprits, our governments have little provision for penalizing these people. Although the police arrested the people but I am sure our CrPC is so strong that it will find a loop hole to get them released within a day or two. But the girl & her family will have to live under the terror of fear until she is alive & unfortunately if stays in the same locality.


I ask you. Don't you think that we shall do something about it. why are we so mum about such issues. So far what I have understood is that like its a women acts as evil for another, it is our messy middle class mentality that acts as a devil for our own self. We don't react unless something happens to us. We feel that we are the most mature people on the earth & that never even we would get into such situation. Actually to all those who keep on saying proudly that India has unity in diversity, I am sure they have better reasons to believe that. We have started to live under our past glory without thinking that there is a need to change the thoughtprocess. At times, I feel like being made to come under some foreign rule again. At least that was the period when people from all walks of the society, religion & castes were seen together. The society was divided between a Freedom fighter vs British Chaploos, atleast not on the grounds of Hindu's or Muslims. That much we definitely owe to the Britishers.


Just by creating IIT's & developing couple of Prithvi & Agni missiles doesn't make you developed or help you in shining. Unless we fight these fundamentalists internally, be it in any form, we will never reach anywhere. Our governments never had the "will" to go out openly & make clear statements on these subjects but so are the people who never presssed for such things. I feel pity that some of my "open minded" friends are against such social brutalities too but at the same time do put a caveat that eventually these guys are saving us from other religion's fundamentalists. Till such time we have this approach, just keep thinking about India Shining. Hope it showers one day. "Bajrang Bali kuch Kariye"


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