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Delayed but Relevant, Justice still dodges the poor!

Posted by Neeraj Singh on August 26, 2010 at 2:30 PM

When it comes to justice, it is mainly the poor who don't get it often in time. Being poorer is a context. Well, what it means is, if there is a conflict of interest between two affluential, the one richer will have an edge, in most of the cases. Poor, in most of such cases, also don't press for justice for long. Take any of the "Hit & Run" cases that have happened in the recent years. Poor need money more than justice because he feels what has happened can't be reverted so what's the point. Atleast the money would help live a challenging life ahead, if not for anything else.


I am from a state where these things can be seen often on the roads. You don't have to search for such things happening, rather it will come flying to you. Equally I won't really say that it doesn't happen else where in India too. Though a lot is said about Bihar because of its earlier image too. Things have definitely changed but the conspicuousness is still missing. Specially when it comes to politicians of Bihar. I don't think my liking for them will get lesser by any chance in this lifetime. So tied am I to their behaviour that It makes me write a line or two about them. If not that they make me think atleast once a day.


Whistleblowers are being beaten around the country. There are plenty of RTI activists who have been killed since the Central Govt introduced the act for the benefit of people. Did it really help them? Well, that would be a matter of debate. Every policy needs to be thought thru before being implemented. Like in this case, the govt didn't really ponder & provided for any policy on how to treat those who oppress the RTI seekers or how to protect the whistleblowers?


In almost all of such cases, either it was the politician or his close aid who was the culprit. Victims, who else! the same poor indian.


See the attached video (link) & decide by yourself if we are in Free India. I am sure if all Freedom fighters would be made to live a life again, they will think twice before showing their willingness to live in Today's India. India is really shining!




Jai Ho

Categories: Social, Politics, Critique & Activism

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