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See India Google's way

Posted by Neeraj Singh on August 23, 2010 at 3:35 PM

While in school, I ever wondered, how do I make the Indian map bare hand. It used to be so difficult. Not because I didn't know how to sketch it holistically but more so on account of the turns it takes to create it unlike any other map of a nation / continent which, to me, appeared the more straighter & easy to draw. I, during this time, also learnt different maps of India from its historical age to the modern age. How many times was it slaughtered to make way for various independent nations. Remembering all of it during exams used to be so difficult. I still remember there was a 5 mark question in the Board exams, then, on the Indian map to locate places / cities. They were Bonus marks for most of us.


But you know what, Google has made it really easy for you now a days. You can download a map that you can remember the easiest way. Login in to Google maps from different domains & you will get a different Indian view.


While you login from China (login to google.cn), you will see that Arunachal Pradesh is part of China including the eastern tip of India. Similarly, when you log into google.com, you will find that including Arunachal Pradesh, parts of Uttrakhand & J&K are disputed territories while when you log in from India, the map is intact. At least, google had this much respect, so to say, that it wanted Indians, to at least, see the full india. Not sure how does it look when you log in from Pakistan. Hope it doesn't show that J&K was never a part of India (Good that physical maps don't have that feature)!!


Anyways, India has protested & sent a legal notice to Google & awaiting response while you are reading this article or may be, god knows, by then the issue may have get sorted for good.


For more, click the below link




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1 Comment

Reply amrita
4:20 PM on August 23, 2010 
I feel sad that for the convenience of its clients/customers/users google can manipulate the map of India. its not just a map its a nation with people who love and respect it. and for its convenience no one has the right to manipulate anything of my nation....its map, boundaries, beliefs, people and personalities. Tomorrow for its users feelings and faith will a company modify our identity too? no way. any google or anyone can't do that. Its rediculous and they should be ashamed of such a mean act of theirs...unless they want to pronounce themselves as anti-India. As if they would show middle east annexed to America for their new found liking of thinking so or their egoistic belief. No dear, nations are built over hundered of years and its the people of that nation that decide whats the way its presented....not a subject of someones fancies, likings or false beliefs. say sorry google.

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