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India's help to Pakistan at the time of need

Posted by Neeraj Singh on August 19, 2010 at 3:24 PM

It is one of the worst times for Pakistan when more than 20% of its territories are filled with flood waters. Almost 1400+ people have died so far & millions rendered homeless. As expected while this was going on, Indian government was thinking about the aid to Pakistan & they came back good. Krishna finally offered $5 mn aid to Pakistan. Was it the ego or mean politics however eventually the aid was not accepted. Today the Prime minister called up & re-newed the same offer but couldn't get a concrete answer on whether Pakistan accepts it or not?


I was seeing thru NDTV & here comes Barkha Dutt's "On the Buck Stops here", a special program which had its point of agenda of "Why was Pakistan politicizing India's aid offer". There were panelists from various walks of life Incl Mani Shankar & AVM Shahzad from Pakistan. Heard thru the whole discussion & turned it off. Started realizing who said what & why (it is at this time when I started writing on the blog). While I was listening to the discussion, I had Amy, my better half, sitting by my side & listening to the discussion too. She was equally getting perturbed the way the discussion was being maneouvred by Barkha. I had never seen her getting so blunt on media earlier. Looked like Barkha was hell bent taking to the discussion for what she wanted to hear from people. Anyways, that's media. Although I do respect Barkha for what she is & the heights to which she has taken media journalism but this discussion was different, I felt. It needed more passion to have a discussion on how could we help Pakistan more when they rejected the aid offer rather why they have rejected the aid offer. In a similar way, I wrote on her tweet few days back that it would have been more beneficial to focus on our atheletes preparation for CWG than focussing too much on the other side of corruption. Un-earthing was good but then ccould have been blown after the CWG was done.


Anyways, only 2 things that caught my attention of the whole discussion:


- If Pakistan didn't accept the offer, couldn't India have channelized the same amount thru UN

- More than the offer, what was required? wasn't it the humane support?


It is the second point above that really catches my attention more than anything. Mani made a very small point that relates to gesture. what would you do if your neighbour's house catches fire, first you would help by showing a gesture of being with him during that mayhem. Isn't it? or will you go to him & offer him thousand bux for re-building his house once the fire is doused.


To an extent, we have got so much engrossed in our protocol theories that has taken us thousands of steps behind to behave as a brother with a brother (in literal sense). A small gesture of sending a top offcial with some volunteers would have been more accpetable to a neighbour than offering $5mn at tihs juncture. It's the politics on both sides that has really kept this wall intact between us & media never looses a single opportunity to flare that up. I am sure if you take this argument to them, they would rather come back with a good explanation "It's media's job to get views from people". I do equally feel that Pakistan should have accepted the offer too with the right gesture however the "?" comes back haunting, would you do the same when such a disaster happens to your own self.


It's very difficult to ascertain who is right & who is not but it is always easy to understand what is the right gesture & what is not? I am sure many of you would have different views & completely different than what Mani said or I feel but truly speaking we are talking of the millions of dying people.


They are not just any other entities. More than money,  a human needs a humane touch of heal. One must not forget battles, between countries, are fought by Governments & not People.


Jai Ho

Uttishtha Bharat



Categories: Politics, Critique & Activism

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1 Comment

Reply Neeraj Singh
5:36 AM on September 18, 2010 
India donates $20 mn on top of $5 mn to Pakistan for flood relief. This was done even after knowing that Pakistan harshly criticized India's handling of Kashmir's recent issue. More than anything India has proved that it has kept the 2 issues separate.

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