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Who is Important?

Posted by Neeraj Singh on October 6, 2012 at 10:40 AM

It's a bit vague for me to touch upon this topic but wanted to bring about the feelings that were getting beyond control now. I like to proudly say that I am an Indian & also that I am from Bihar. Although I am a Hindu but not sure I am so proud always to call it out vehementally. Reason is not because I don't believe in it but largely because it's a personal matter of my living style, my beliefs, my culture that I inherited from my Hindu parents. So when I reflect back, I could gather that whatever I am in those respects is because I was brought up in that environment. Had I been born in a muslim family, may be I would have got a different upbringing & hence a different way of looking at life & likewise in a Christian family or other religion for that matter. This is also because I have a little say to change the rules of the game. Religion is static, at least from my stand point. Science may change our thoughts on how to do a ritual but rituals will still be followed. Some may not but if it were to be followed, the process would be no different.


So I can reckon that what I am today has a significant influence of the religion that I belong to but would it be possible to carry the legacy & burden of this religion, had I not been having a family or Society or a Country to support me, at first. Any religion practiced by anyone can shape you but it has no purpose if it detaches you from yourself, your family & friends & finally your country. If religion by any chance, is doing it, it is for no good. if you don't get food, you run to your father not to the pundit, priest or an Imam. I would still think that most of us, when in pain, generally remember our moms first than anyone else. Who can be a bigger god than her for she is the one got us into this world.


If the propounders of, countries based on religion, are to be believed, the world will end in no minute. Two North Poles on a magnet can't attract each other. It is an undebatable science. Similarly, for people to live together, there must be an amalgation of people from various religions. This is because human mind always seeks to know something new, appreciate it & also let others appreciate what they have. if this chain is broken, it may be the most possible thing to imagine that natural evolution of human kind would cease to exist.


When a child is born, the first support comes from Science, followed by parents, then by Society & finally by religion. Your bonding with the former is more important before your bonding with your religion is established, again, by following some religious rituals. I really wonder when people say, I am Staunch Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian. I mean, I always wonder, what do they mean really when they say this. Are they telling the whole world that come what may, if there is no food to eat but beef to save oneself, I will still go by my religion, not eat it & prefer to Die - Don't be so farsical to yourself & others, for your own sake. Would a Muslim say that I won't get treated by a Hindu (because he is a kafir) to save my dying kids. Well if you do that, you can be the biggest fool. Reason is because the same God may praise you for worshipping him in such a diehard fashion but at the very next moment punish you severely for murdering a child in front of you. Well, that was based on Law of Justice, if God also follows the same way as our Courts do -:)


Love your religion but don't be blinded by it & above all, don't chant religious slogans that make you feel more fanatically attached to it, even beyond your Family, Friends, Society & Country.


Jai Ho

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