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India's Growing Impatience

Posted by Neeraj Singh on October 13, 2012 at 12:40 PM
  • April 1999: Son of influential Congress MP from Haryana, shoots & kills Model Jessica Lal, working as a barmaid at a Socialite Party for not serving him drink. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • May 1999: Son of a deputy SP in UP Police, shoots dead a parlour attendant for not being able to serve “Cassata” ice cream to the accused at Jehangirabad Palace, Lucknow
  • Oct 2008: CEO of Graziano Trasmissioni India Pvt. Ltd. was killed by a mob of sacked workers at Noida.
  • Sep 2009: A HR manager of Precol Ltd., a Global supplier of automotive products, was beaten to death by some of the workers not happy with the company’s decision to sack around 41 workers for not co-operating with the smooth running of the company in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
  • Sep 2011: A Toll attendant was shot dead by a youth, accompanied by his friend, for being asked to pay the toll amount of Rs 27 at Kheri Daula, bordering Manesar.
  • Jan 2012: Baby Falak, a severely abused girl of merely 2 years of age, was admitted to AIIMS with fractured skull & human bite marks all over her body. Baby Falak died on Mar 15, 2012 after suffering the 3rd cardiac arrest.
  • June 2012: Two young men shot at an Ice Cream vendor at the busy Hazratganj, Lucknow for being asked to pay the full cost of the ice cream bought by them. They paid only 300 bux out of 350.
  • July 2012: A HR manager working for Maruti was burned to death at its Manesar Plant by workers & union members. Before being burned, he was severely beaten up that led to both his arms & legs being broken which made him immobile & died of suffocation.
  • Oct 2012: Congress MP from Gujarat takes out his gun for being asked to show his original ID card at a toll booth in Vadodara
  • Oct 2012: BJP's Uttar Pradesh Youth wing Vice President shoots at a waiter for not being served food in his car

Disclaimer: All above incidences have been mentioned based upon information gathered from TV & media reports as available in the Public domain without any intent of prejudice & causing any personal reputational harm.

These may be some of the instances that grabbed the media focus but besides these are the many more incidences that are difficult to keep a track on as they have become a daily routine in India, Prominent among of those are:

  • Deaths due to growing Road Rage & importance of arrogance over human life
  • Increasing rape of Women including minor girls (as young as a 9 month child) doesn’t just show the growing sex hunger but also in a way the mental state of male chauvinism & less respect for female counterparts
  • Honour killings of young couples that have been declared the most deplorable act even by the Supreme Court, show how the males hunger to control the power within the family & society in the name of family honour. While it may also possibly be a way deal with fear psychosis of Khaps due to rising women power in the recent times.
  • Upward trending of Corruption seen observed in the recent years is not because of anything else but our growing impatience to get job done in the fastest & easiest possible way. Why would one not pay a “Challan” if asked for, instead of engaging in paying bribe?
  • Girls being murdered or being thrown upon with Acid for not acceding to the advances of young boys who are still to complete their education in most of the cases.

People may say that such rage & rape incidences are more prevalent in the west especially US as they are matured economies with everyone having enough money for subsistence, the above facts are truly acknowledging that these acts are not impacted by one’s economic living standards one’s our Educational, Cultural & Social upbringing.

Jai Ho

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