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Subedar makhan singh

While we all have known Milkha Singh, also known as the Flying Sikh, for long, there are however only few of us who knew Makhan Singh, an Artillery gunner of Indian Army, until media brought this face in front of the nation earlier this year. He passed away in 2002 leaving behind his family to fend for themselves. An Arjuna Award winner, Makhan Singh seems to have been feared by all athletes of his times including Milkha Singh who he had defeated in 1962 National games at Calcutta. Recently the Petroleum ministry, thru PSEB (Petroleum Sports Promotion Board), awarded his family Rs 5 Lakhs as sustenance help.

Read more here

Saleem landur

He is not as famous as many software developers or companies making mobile tracking programs however Saleem has his own identity created by developing a software doing CDR (Call Detail Record) analysis. This 37 years old Belgaum man is sought not just in India but abroad as well by Law & Order enforcement agencies to help nab criminals including CBI, NIA & several state police organizations. His company, Prosoft e-solutions, had a very humble start with a rented computer in 2000. A college dropout who drove auto rickshaw in the night to fund his computer education has 25 employees today & works across many verticals including ERP, Healthcare, Fleet management & HR payroll.

Saleem Landur is just another name for a very ordinary man who made it big in his own way.

Source: http://archive.indianexpress.com/news/karnataka-college-dropouts-software-helps-cops-track-criminal-trail/1183250/?rheditorpick


Manoranjan Byapari

Who would have thought, including the man in question himself, that one day he would turn out to be a writer, a noted one, indeed, especially after having spent couple of years in jail at a young age. His first literal studies started in the jail after he was arrested on charges of arson during Emergency. As destiny would have wanted, he got to pull Mahashweta Devi, in his rickshaw. This was the turning point for Manoranjan Byapari. She encouraged her to write. This is when the Dalit literature writing of Manoranjan Byapari began. His work has been published by Oxford University press. His first essay "Is there Dalit Writing in Bangla?" was published in Economic & Political weekly by Meenakshi Mukherjee in 2007.

Read his story here & here

Narayanan Krishnan

A top chef in Taj group of hotels, he could have could have made a great career for himself but that was not to happen. The story turned around when Narayanan Krishnan fed a man on the streets who was eating human waste due to extreme hunger. He founded a trust by the name of Akshaya  in 2003 which feeds thousands of homeless & differently abled people every day in Madurai. Not just that he takes care of each of them like a family - bathes them, gives them haircut.

He was awarded with CNN Hero of the year award in 2010.

Budhiya Singh

Budhia Singh makes to this list because of the promise that he had shown once as, probably, the youngest marathon runner of India. A promise that has now faded & in fact disappeared, marred by controversies that surrounded him, first by the killing of his coach, Biranchi Das & later by his being treated as any other sportsman.  Instead of showering him with more help by the state government providing him with possibly the best support, he was shunned, citing that he is too young to run a marathon. Budhia was as young as 3 or 4 by when he had competed many marathons that many in teens can just dream of. A boy who was banned by state authorities, citing his young age, could have done wonders but that was not to happen.

Read more about him here. Please also see the report prepared by Zee media group on Budhia.

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