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Dear Reader, Welcome to Uttishtha Bharat.

Our Thought Process.......we will keep making it better as we move forward...If you have any suggestions, please send across

A Rationalistic approach to issue resolution rather than a one based upon any Social, Economic or religious lineage. Uniform Civil laws should be applicable to everyone. There just can't be any religiously driven Laws in a Democratic Country, a very basis of bias.

Support to the socially under-privileged thru charity. Although we strongly believe in the existing Political system (Government) to make the basic amenities reach to the needy however we don't want to wait until the Government reacts to make good to the ones who are under privileged. Every human is to be treated as a human irrespective of what caste, creed, religion one belongs to.  

Religion or Caste (Varna) doesn't bestow upon anyone by birth. It is something that one choses after he has matured & has full knowledge of all such things. Until the age of 18, none (including the state) can force a religion or caste on anyone (including for any administrative purposes)

Domestic Violent Rape (suffered by women at the hands of their husbands) against women to be considered on similar lines as Rape as defined in the Indian Penal code & to attract similar punishments.

One can freely roam (settle) around any part of India as one pleases & does what he pleases until it is within the ambit of Law of the land (No moral policing please). None can reinforce ones thoughts on others thru any medium.

That an individual is free to express his views & thoughts. People shall take a legal course of action if they feel hurt because of someone else's verbal or non-verbal gesture. No Vandalism, please or otherwise.

That one must take part in electoral process to uphold the basic fabric of democracy however one shouldn't sit idle if things are not changing rather voice his/her concerns through rightful / democratic means.

That all individuals / states are to be treated in similar fashion without any special status to an individual or a state, for whatever reasons, through Reservation or Special Status (like Article 370)

That the basic premise is for people to live freely & independently hence scope for implementing acts like AFSPA shall be miniscule to none, at all.

Have any thoughts, as liberal as possible, but Nation (India) comes first, come what may. This doesn't mean one can't or shouldn't praise the best in its league, be it a country other than India. (Criticise India's policies but don't denigrate it)

Women shall be treated equally to men, in all walks of life, including the very social fabric, within which the Indian society exists, today.

That guilty shall be punished, for whatever high office, he many hold, within his tenure during office or beyond.

That Policing & Education shall be part of the Central subjects for they are two most important aspects for any Society's future build up & hence can't be different, either in theory or practicality, across states, for its people.

That Academic Education is not the only means to excel in life hence proper emphasis must be given for the overall development of a child. In addition, all children, irrespective of their religion, caste, creed & their parent's economic status, must be treated at par until the age of 17, even if it means state funding for children, from their education to upbringing, for those who can't afford it.

All displaced, due to any developmental work in the interest of the local community, society or state, would be compensated by same sized piece of land within the same village, block or district or commercial price of the land other than the cases where the land is unavailable in such an area of interest. In such cases, equal allotment of land of such value or Commercial value would be provided at a different location. 

Instead of creating many Fast Track courts, emphasis would be given on Effective, Efficient & Scientific policing with Judicial reforms running in parallel. Capacity of High-courts would be increased & more number of courts would be provided at the grass root level within Districts with clear focus on Clean Judgements. Role of the High-courts, alongside, will become highly supervisory with constant review of junior Court's Judges & their Effectiveness. There will be clear rules & guidelines established on extension of dates.

Performance based Annual Reviews would be implemented across all departments with a Clear Policy of Forced Retirement in the event of non-performance with 3 Non-Conformance reports for any employee during his career. However this would be done after focussed emphasis to improve the performance of the said employee.

Any Party / Affiliation / Group found directly involved & proudly owning their involvement in breaking communal harmony or working against oneness of the nation will be de-recognized after 5 such convictions in a Court of Law within the said or outside of such state & any member of such an organization would not be allowed to contest elections, hold any Government office during their lifetime. 

Emphasis would be given on Self Sustainability of all rather than having to serve the Society thru NGO's. Banks will be asked to play major role with clear re-insurance from the Government to help the small scale farmers & businessmen. Academic Institutions will need to play a Consultative role, thereby, coming close to practical side of education as well as creating their own means of sustenance with skeletal support of Government.

Education Sector will be reformed with clear accountability from teaching staff. PPP basis schools may be looked at rather than a Government or privately owned Educational Institutions. Right to Education will be implemented with Force, if needed. University Faculty will need to be assessed on their level of Research rather than completing academic year course. Their Promotion & Growth of Faculty will be directly linked to Teaching, Research & Practical results rather than years of tenure in a Role.

Do you have the same thought process, Lets work together to build the momentum towards a better India.


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